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Unlocking Your Creative Energy offers four options: 

ONLINE MODE: designed for online students all over the globe who are ready to deepen their creative potential by an active and experiential boosting course. It includes teaching 8 modules, trades over tracks (practice playing along with Cavalli)and 4 online live coaching sessions with Cavalli + extended coaching over time through a monthly subscription option exclusive for alumni.

INTENSIVE MODE: it comprises 6 academic hours preferably split into 3 sessions of 2 hours each. This short version covers all contents and excercises included in the book. It is the ideal option for students and musicians in search for a Creative Energy immersion to upgrade their playing. 

ENSAMBLE MODE: designed to put the contents of the seminar into practice on the long term. This extended version runs for 3 months on a basis of 3 hours class per week. This is an ensamble class in which everyone learns both individually and by seeing classmates practicing the challenges presented by each topic of the seminar. It is the ideal option for Schools of Music that want to offer to their public an authentic creative innovation.

RESPONSIVE MODE: a tailor-made format to meet your specific needs or posibilities. Request an online meeting with Ricardo to discuss the details. 

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