the origin...

I believe our passion for beauty and the expression of spirit one day overflowed and asked for an instrument. For a connection channel. Moved by the generous longing to share, communicate and realize itself in its blissful essence.

This is how this urge to make art arises and invites us to nourish our link with music. Not allowing it to be associated with sterile comparisons, frustrations related to what we did or did not do, what we achieved or failed to achieve.

This path is. 

It exists because of a very intimate need. It deserves to be beyond the mind and its egoic machinations.

From a place of purity not interfered by a problematic "I" nature shares its infinite beauty with admirable poetry, simplicity and depth.

Similarly, through the dedication and cultivation of his talents, the human being can attain the free and fluid expression of the spirit by coming into contact with his higher nature and thus completing a great circle that seems to encompass the infinity of all creation.

Ricardo Cavalli

© Ricardo Cavalli - Fresh Healing Music. 

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