During the years I was the Head of the Bahía Blanca Theatre along with my team we had the great fortune to hire the Seminars and Concerts of Maestro Ricardo Cavalli.


Several times we organized the Seminar Unlocking Your Creative Energy (as well as "ABC in Improvisation" and "Paying off debts with Jazz Tradition").

After presencing thousands of mastercalsses and courses offered at the Theatre I am certain Maestro Cavalli´s seminar success is a direct result of his conceptual clarity, the sistematization he offers and the book containing a detailed step by step guide of the seminar contents and excercises. This allows students to come back later and use it as a great source of infromation.

It has always been a pleasure to offer Maestro Ricaro Cavalli´s Seminar in our Theatre, by which musicians from all genres have improved their performance. Surprisingly enough artists from all disciplines such as Dance, Visual Arts and Theatre were also interested in attending his Seminar. The way in which Maestro Ricardo Cavalli teaches improvisation helps artists to apply great concepts in their classrooms, performances and in life itself.

— Quique Agesta, Head of Bahía Blanca Municipal Theatre - Argentina


“I took this Seminar because I wanted improve my performance. But it offered me a lot more than what I expected. Particularly the reflections on my way of being a musician.

I´m immensely greatful.” 


— Andrés Perez Ramirez, Chile